PGC flat sedimentation centrifuge

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Compared with traditional centrifuges, PGC centrifuges have been improved and innovated in many aspects, making a leap forward breakthrough from appearance to internal structure and function, and realizing one key operation of the whole process of feeding, discharging, stirring, dissolving, discharging and cleaning. Traditional centrifuges cannot be sealed and toxic and harmful gases cannot be controlled. Operators need to wear gas masks to operate, which will affect the health of employees and the normal life of residents around the enterprise. Traditional centrifuges need to be dug out and stirred by one shovel and one shovel. There are many problems, such as high labor intensity, low efficiency, unclear batch, and product quality can not be guaranteed. PGC sedimentation centrifuge has realized complete automation, improved equipment operation environment, improved work efficiency, reduced labor cost and guaranteed product quality.



Compare items PGC type Traditional Contrast effect
Base structure Flat Tripod base The stability and safety of the centrifuge are improved, and the use of damping is more environmentally friendly and clean.
Shell construction Total closure Exposure The centrifuge with fully enclosed structure completely seals the pollution source and toxic gas, dust, mist and other harmful substances in the machine, eliminating the hidden safety hazards from the source.
Drum structure No baffle
Baffle The inner wall baffle structure of the drum of the traditional decanter centrifuge is removed, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the drum volume, greatly increases the loading capacity of the machine, and also provides the possibility of incorporating the scraper structure.
Feeding mode

Pneumatic valve, material level detection linkage

Artificial The feeding part of the traditional decanter centrifuge can only be operated manually, and it is impossible to grasp the flow rate and time node and loading of the feed and the personnel will directly contact the material to cause injury; while the PGC series decanter centrifuge uses a pneumatic valve and material level detection linkage The method is controlled by PLC, which not only realizes a high degree of automation control, but also avoids the injury caused by the direct operation of the whole process of the operator without direct contact with the materials.
Melting method The scraper automatically stirs the melt
Artificial The traditional decanter centrifuge completely relies on the manual operation of workers during the melting process, which is not only inefficient but also harmful to the staff. The composed scraper stirring device is driven by hydraulic pressure and integrates solid material gathering, residual filter cake self-cleaning and rapid stirring, and realizes the purpose of automatic washing and automatic washing.

Compare items PGC type Traditional Contrast effect
Discharging method Servo system controls automatic discharge Manual The discharge of the traditional decanter centrifuge is discharged by manual operation of the hand wheel, which often produces problems such as discontinuous discharge and incomplete discharge. The operation of the sleeper is time-consuming and laborious; The reciprocating movement of the tube realizes the sealing and automation of the whole process, which greatly improves the work efficiency and product quality, optimizes the product process, and saves a lot of time and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
Control method Fully automatic Manual The PGC centrifuge uses a touch-screen installation method on the ground. The operator can observe the operation status of the centrifuge in real time from the touch screen picture at the production site.
Security measures Cavity inertia, vibration protection, lid closing detection, cavity pressure balance, key point temperature measurement, etc.
Blank Traditional decanter centrifuges strictly have no safety protection measures, while PGC decanter centrifuges incorporate a series of systematic safety measures such as inerting of the cavity, vibration protection, lid closing detection, cavity pressure balance, key point temperature measurement, etc. In order to ensure that some dangers can be avoided during the operation of the centrifuge, the safety has been greatly improved.
Implement monitoring

Human-computer interaction

Blank Traditional sedimentation centrifuges rely entirely on manual operation and observation and judgment in terms of detection. The grasp of the centrifuge's status is quite lagging and it is easy to cause misjudgment and cause serious consequences. With the operation of PGC type centrifuge, the corresponding actions of each link are Presented by the operator; the operator can observe the operation status of the centrifuge in real time from the touch screen at the production site, and has various status indications and fault warnings. The manual judgment is upgraded to the system automatic judgment, which greatly improves the reliability and thus provides Long-term stable operation provides guarantee.