PBF series flat plate closed full-turn shell centrifuge

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Standard manufacturing form

Platform structure, the shell and the platform are welded together, the shell cover and the shell adopt a flange matching quick-open structure, the shell cover is opened by a mechanical balancer, and the shell cover is provided with a feeding tube, a cleaning tube, a sight glass and an observation lamp , Ventilation holes, etc.

Features and uses

1. The PBF series centrifuge is a sanitary filter centrifuge suitable for high-clean production. It is widely used in the separation of various solid-liquid mixtures in the pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical and other industries. It has the remarkable characteristics of high manufacturing process, strong corrosion resistance, stable operation, and meeting high standards of hygienic requirements.

2. The materials in contact with the materials are all stainless steel with good corrosion resistance;

3. The surface of the main parts of the equipment are precision polished, and the internal structure has no dead corners and is easy to clean;

4. The casing can be turned completely, and the turning can be more than 90 °, the drum can be exposed as a whole, and the bottom of the drum can be touched, which is easy to clean and replace the filter cloth;

5. The transmission part adopts a fully enclosed belt cover and a motor cover, and a gas replacement port is provided to avoid dust pollution caused by belt wear.

Optional configuration

1. Cleaning spray system

2. Nitrogen protection system

3. The external structural parts (frame base, etc.) are made of stainless steel

4. Use the corresponding stainless steel materials (SUS304, 316, 316L, 321, titanium, etc.) according to the anticorrosion requirements of the materials separated by users

5. Without foundation form (without foundation chassis and damping pad)

6. Transmission and braking

(1) Explosion-proof motor (or ordinary motor) + frequency converter + energy consumption braking

(2) Electromagnetic speed regulating motor + friction type manual braking device



Item Model PBF-600 PBF-800 PBF-1000 PBF-1250
Drum diameter (mm) 600 800 1000 1250
Drum height (mm) 350 400 420 500
Drum volume (L) 45 90 140 320
Maximum loading limit (kg) 68 135 200 400
Drum speed (r / min) 1600 1200/1500 1080/1200 1000
Separation factor 860 645/1007 652/806 698
Motor power (w) 3 5.5/7.5 11 18.5
Machine weight (kg) 1500 2200 3000 5000
Dimensions (mm) 1800×1200×1030 2100×1300×1250 2500×1500×1375 2900×1900×1505
Opening height (mm) 1650 1980 2550 2860