Teach you how to buy hanging bag centrifuge?

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The hanging bag centrifuge is an intermittent operation, which is composed of driving equipment, body, casing, drum, hanging bag, brake equipment, clutch and other components. The closed filter device for hanging bag unloading in different places, the material participates in the rotating drum from the top Under the action of the centrifugal force field, the liquid phase passes through the filter medium and exits the machine. The solid phase is trapped in the drum. After stopping, the liquid barrier and the filter belt are hung out together and discharged to the designated place.

When purchasing hanging bag centrifuges, companies often do not know how to choose, and sometimes too credulous about the price, and underestimate the quality, resulting in improper choices did not achieve the expected production effect. So in many choices of hanging bag centrifuge, what should be paid attention to when buying.

In fact, it is not simple to choose a good hanging bag centrifuge. There are still many aspects to consider, so that the operation may make the selection result more satisfactory. So, which sling centrifuge is better? How should I choose?

One, give priority to quality

Excellent products have always been the key points of customer care. Due to the long-term view, high-quality products have a long service life, low maintenance costs and good effects. Therefore, quality is undoubtedly the most critical. It not only affects the use of the product, but also determines its service life. Therefore, whether it is for customers or businesses, we must pay attention to quality. Taking quality as the guide and enhancing the comprehensive competition of your own brand, this is to a large extent conducive to competition.

Second, the high cost performance can buy people's hearts, and the centrifuge of Fuyi Sunshine can be tested for free, which ensures the role of production and the price is also the most cost-effective. Therefore, it is very important to choose a centrifuge manufacturer.

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